7 Leaves On Rose Plant – How To Get Rid Of It?

Are you able to tell the difference between these 7 leaves on the rose plant and ideal roses? Have you ever wondered what wild roses are like? Do they look similar to Ideal roses in your garden? Wonder questions or wonder answers? But if you’re asking, there must be a reason. Let’s find out together what such a rose could […]

Top 7 gardening ideas at home during lockdown

Depressed or bored during this lockdown? Upset reading wrong News? Mindlessly scrolling through social media? Here are some amazing “Gardening ideas” that you can try at home which will surely help you to boost your mood. Gardening in lockdown: It’s about planting hope As I reflect on the beginning of the year, 2020 looked bright and fun. What a year […]

How can we Celebrate Earth Day From Home?

Every April 22, we celebrate Earth Day! Whether it’s a walk over the woods, finding out litter (while walking!), or buying more Earth-friendly products, here are Easy 5 ways in which you can Celebrate Earth Day From Home and take care of your Mother Earth. One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature […]

Top 5 natural ways to get rid of Aphids

Good things are available in small packages, as the saying goes. But annoying, destructive things also are available in small packages, just think about the plant destroying by the aphid, sometimes mentioned as “Plant lice“, If not treated well, it can damage your whole plants. Rely on this comprehensive article, to find out, Top 5 Easy Natural Ways To Get […]

How to care for wandering Jew indoors? 10 Tips

Hello Friends. I think many of you already have this plant at home and perhaps you maynot be knowing its name. It is the Wandering Jew plant also called Inch-Plant. Today willlook into, How to care for wandering Jew indoors? Wandering Jew with botanical name Tradescantia zebrina is a commonly grown ornamental houseplantfound worldwide. It’s called zebrina due to its […]

Companion planting guide – Gardening made easy

Plants are our best friends. But do you know even plants have their friends and foes too? Moreover, unbelievable! So, here the concept of companion planting guide comes which makes gardening easy.  Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more plants together for mutual benefit. Before getting directed to the blog, First, let’s understand how this companion planting […]

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