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Don’t have a green thumb? No fear, I’m here. No one is born with a green thumb, it’s all about trial and error which, makes you a pro plant parent. Gardening is a piece of ART that enhances day by day. When it comes to growing plants, there is no inherent formula. Anybody can garden up with the right conditions. If you are having problems with growing plants, then you are in the right place. Here, are the 7 rules for the green thumb which will turn anybody into a pro plant parent

Green thumb requires patience

Green thumb
                            Plant is life
  • Before directly jumping to the basic rules, First understand that your flower will not blossom in a day. It takes time to make your garden a beautiful masterpiece. ” Gardening is the best teacher, it teaches us how to wait and see our brown thumb turning out the green thumb. In the course of the initial phase, you will come with many challenges, and some times you want to give up on gardening but, Remember, ” ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY “
green thumb
                             Plant a life
  • Your enthusiasm towards gardening should never be less. As you keep gardening, it keeps on transforming your dull space into an eye-pleasing beautiful garden. Slowly and gradually, you will end up having Greenthumb.  Just make sure that you keep on gardening. Cultivate with love and see how lovely it grows!

The green thumb tip No.1 – Make the proper soil

green thumb
           Soil – The base of the plant
  • Once the potting mix is prepared well, your half work is done.
  • Using a potting mix of Gardening soil, sand, and organic compost in a ratio of 1:1:1 is ideal for any plant
  • You can also use cocopeat in equal amount as it helps to retain the moisture of the soil and helps in better root growth
  • Initially, you can skip adding compost as it can be added later as a boosting fertilizer.

2 – Water after checking the soil to have a Green thumb

Green thumb
               Water – Nor too more/less
  • ” ALWAYS WATER AFTER CHECKING THE SOIL “ often came across these lines? This is the common most advice any plant parent will give to a beginner. And I think you will highly agree to this!
  • The biggest difference you will observe between overwater and underwater is the sign of changes in leaves.
  • The symptoms of overwatering are yellowing of leaves and falling off and underwatering makes the tip of the leaves burnt and wilt.
  • To keep your plant thriving all the time, always water by checking the soil moisture. And Don’t be afraid to push your finger about an inch or two down into the soil to check the moisture

3 – A green thumb should know completely about Sun

       Sun – The most important factor
  • Sun is the most important factor for all living organisms whether humans or plants, Indoor / Outdoor plant everyone requires Sunlight.
  • Sunlight plays a vital role in the process of photosynthesis, which helps plants to capture the energy and convert it into carbohydrates Without the sun, plants can’t get the food they require to grow, reproduce and survive. Unlike animals, plants are autotrophs, meaning they create their food source.
  • A plant can be grown without soil ( by water propagation) but, without proper sunlight is impossible. Even sometimes farmers use artificial lights to give an adequate amount of source of light to plant
  • Plants can be classified based on sunlight requirements.
sunlight for plants
                  Sunlight requirement for plants

4 – Never forget the drainage hole

   Make sure the pot has a                drainage hole
  • The moment your eye is on the new planter never fail to check the drainage hole.
  • The key rule to have a Green thumb is not to forget to make a drainage hole at the bottom of your plant.No matter what plants you are growing, the drainage hole is COMPULSION
  •  Improper/lack of drainage hole tends the water to set at the bottom of the plant which leads to overwatering condition.
  • Also, it enables a plant for the proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

 5 – Know how to save your plants from insects!

  • Dealing with insects is not a cup of tea. Mealybugs, aphids insects may look small in size but if left ignored will lead to huge damage to your plants.
  •  Make a weekly basis routine to clean your plants with organic pesticides as it is truly said “Precaution is always better than cure”
  • And when I say pesticides, it doesn’t mean you should use chemical one always choose organic things just look around your home you will find enough organic remedies
  • And the Best among all pesticides is ORGANIC NEEM WATER SPRAY. To make neem water spray just soak neem leaves for 4-5 hours/overnight and then gently spray and clean your plants.


6 – Remember Organic fertilizer has a great impact

Green thumb
Organic fertilizer > Chemical fertilizer
  • Always choose organic fertilizer on chemical-based fertilizer for healthy and satisfying results. By choosing organic over chemical ones you are being a part of the conservation of the environment.
  • Adding fertilizer to plants on regular basis or using cooking water like Rice water, dal water, vegetable stock, etc instead of normal not only keeps a plant thriving but also saves the water and reduces wastage.
  • Fertilizers help to add nutrients to the plant which is most essential for the thriving growth of a plant. Organic fertilizer helps to improve the soil texture.
  • Chemical fertilizer may work quickly but organic fertilizer works smoothly without affecting our mother earth. They ensure the health of the garden for the betterment of tomorrow

7 – Prune like a pro

Green thumb
                        Prune like a pro


  • When you are new to gardening, you tend to keep flower even it is dried.
  •  It is really painful to cut a part of a plant when it is grown by you, but little pain is necessary for best results. Always remember every cut in a plant tends to new growth.
  • Always remove dead flowers, yellow leaves, cut the overcrowded leaves for better enhancement of plant growth.
  • Pruning is essential for developing new growth the more you prune, the better will be the growth of the plant

” Watching something grow is good for morale.

It helps us believe in life.”

-Myron S. Kaufman

Isn’t gardening sounds easy after reading the entire blog? What do you think? Do let me know your thoughts. Gardening is merely a wonderful joy to do so. And I think there is not an inherent formula to have a green thumb. Anybody can garden up, just you have to keep those points in mind and apply on your garden within a less period your garden will blossom with abundance love. In the end, I would like to say only one thing GARDEN UP LIKE YOU GONNA LIVE FOREVER

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