How to Grow and Care For Aglaonema Plants?

Are you a lower maintenance type of person? Do you love gardening but don’t want a plant that will require a lot of care from you? Here we got the plant for you! The Aglaonema plants is an easy-to-grow houseplant that is perfect for beginner gardeners. Who doesn’t love the look of green? Besides some shade-loving crayfish, it appears that […]

How to Grow and Care For Jade Plant?

Have you ever purchased a Jade plant and wondered how to take proper care of it? Jade plants are one of the most popular succulent plants, with their thick, dark green leaves that make them perfect as houseplants. The Jade plant (or Crassula ovata) is a perfect choice for your home and office as it is easy to grow and […]

How to care for wandering Jew indoors? 10 Tips

Hello Friends. I think many of you already have this plant at home and perhaps you maynot be knowing its name. It is the Wandering Jew plant also called Inch-Plant. Today willlook into, How to care for wandering Jew indoors? Wandering Jew with botanical name Tradescantia zebrina is a commonly grown ornamental houseplantfound worldwide. It’s called zebrina due to its […]