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How to care for wandering Jew indoors? 10 Tips

How to care for wandering Jew indoors? 10 Tips

Hello Friends. I think many of you already have this plant at home and perhaps you may
not be knowing its name. It is the Wandering Jew plant also called Inch-Plant. Today will
look into, How to care for wandering Jew indoors?

Wandering Jew with botanical name Tradescantia zebrina is a commonly grown ornamental houseplant
found worldwide. It’s called zebrina due to its attractive zebra-patterned leaves. The side of leaves showing purple new growth and green older growth parallel to the central axis, also as two broad silver-colored stripes on the outer edges, with the lower leaf surface presenting a deep uniform magenta.

Wandering Jew plant care

Yes! Foliage plants do bloom. With the proper amount of care and love, you will observe light purple flowers with three petals in your wandering Jew plant.

It a commonly grown in hanging pots and also as a ground cover. It’s a very fast-growing
and invasive plant because it regenerates easily and spreads very fast. That is why
it’s called a Wandering jew or inch plant.

Wandering Jew plant is another zero-maintenance plant. Care for wandering Jew indoors is easier than you think.

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Let’s quickly talk about the care for wandering Jew indoors :


Care for wandering jew indoors
  • This is a houseplant that thrives in bright but indirect sunlight. The brighter the sunshine you provide your Wandering Jew plant, the more flowers it’ll produce.
  • If it’s not getting enough light, the brightly-colored foliage will begin to fade.


  • These plants are happy as long as they’re not kept soaked or allowed to be completely dry too long. Keeping the soil evenly moist is the best.
  • You’ll know it’s ready for more water when the soil is dry to a minimum of 1/2″ deep. Give it an honest drink but make certain that the pot drains well.


  • You can use a typical houseplant potting mix for your Wandering Jew, but they’ll do even better if you give them soil that has more organic matter.
  • To make your soil mixture, add equal parts of the following:
    • Perlite or coarse sand
    • Peat or humus
    • Garden soil
    • A light dusting of lime
    • A handful of rich, organic compost
    • You’re trying to find the right balance of water retention and draining ability, so give the plant watering and watch to ascertain which way your soil tends to travel, then adjust accordingly.
Watch this video for complete guide


  • Use a water-soluble fertilizer a minimum of twice a month during the season. Be sure to dilute it right down to 50% strength to avoid nutrient burn on the foliage.
  • You can also use a slow-release fertilizer to the soil once a year.


  • If your wandering jew’s starting to become a touch cramped in its pot, select a pot that’s 1-2″ wider than its current one. Prepare your pot with a touch of fresh potting soil around the sides.
  • Remove your plant from its existing pot, setting the basis ball into the new one. Add or remove soil as necessary to urge it in situ. Then, fill to 2″ below the pot’s rim. Lightly tamp the potting soil to anchor the plant in situ.

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  • Wandering jew plants have a bent to urge leggy, so pruning them becomes a requirement if you would like to take care of a healthy appearance.
  • Simply prune back the stems and pinch off stem tips. The plant will send two shoots from right below the pinched area, making your plant bushier.


Care of wandering jew indoors
  • Whatever you do, don’t waste your stem cuttings! Wandering jew propagation is done from stem cuttings.
  • Remove about a couple of leaves off of the stem cuttings then place them during a smaller pot with moist potting soil/water jar during a warm, bright area.
  • You’ll start seeing new shoots growing after 1-1.5 months. Wandering jew plants are one of the simplest houseplants to propagate!


  • In some people and animals, skin irritation can occur when coming in touch with the sap from the plant.
  • You should keep it in a neighborhood that’s hard for your cat or dog to succeed in.
  • A good idea is to grow it in hanging baskets that are too high for your pets to nibble on!


  • The most prominent pests you’ll affect on Wandering Jew plants are spider mites. They love warm, dry areas, so one great way to counter them is to stay humidity high or mist your Wandering Jew plant.
  • If that doesn’t work, you’ll wash the plant off with water to knock the mites off of the plant. For even more serious infestations, you ought to remove infected areas and use a systemic insecticide.

Wandering Jew plant is much loved because of their unique bright colors! Care for wandering Jew Indoor is not that difficult!


  • Most diseases you’ll run into are related to overwatering. Root rot may be a big problem with most houseplants, and has two causes:
    1. You are watering too much
    2. Your soil retains too much water
  • If you’ve got problem 1, simply water less often! If you’ve got problem 2, add some perlite or coarse sand to your soil mix. You can also add rocks to the rock bottom of the pot to enhance drainage.

Done, wondering about wandering Jew. Haha! I mean done with writing down the care for wandering Jew plant indoors.

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