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How to connect with nature? Top 5 ways

How to connect with nature? Top 5 ways

Do you ever fall in love with nature? A Big Yes / No? If the answer is NO, you will fall in love with mother nature by end of this blog for sure. Forget the chaos and hardships of life, come Let us connect with nature:

1. The main reason to connect with nature is NO reason

Nature is the beautiful Masterpiece created by God.

Take a moment to stop and listen to the birds singing today.
The chirping of birds is so soothing to ears,isn't?

Nature is not just a plant, it’s the sky just before a rain, it’s the raging sea, it’s the Twitter of birds, it is a child’s laughter, it’s the way the wind whistles through the trees, the way it raises our spirits.

Nature holds us with many gifts if we only embrace them back. I wonder, does it need a reason to connect with nature?

Indoor plants
Plants are the best company

Most of the time, we stay at our home. By doing our household core or just simply watching our favorite show on Netflix. And now, in the pandemic scenario, we tend to attend college/school lectures online. So, by bringing Indoor plants we connect with nature more closely. Study reveals indoor plants enhance to spice up moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants — making for a healthier, happier you. Indoor plants don’t just look good — they will make us feel good, too.

Here, is my recommendation for the Indoor plant. Jade plant is termed as Lucky plant, by bringing this plant you bring luck at your home



2. Connect with nature as your Valentine!

Gift green
Gift Green

Forget about the couple’s goals and soulmates. Let us make SOIL-mates this valentine. Mother earth is here for all of us every day. And the planet needs to be shown a bit of love and kindness! If you are ready to commit, then let us together commit to living a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. What would be a better way to celebrate Valentine’s day by showering love on mother earth? Even these small changes can help to form a difference, and hopefully, they will be the beginning of the latest conscious habits and practices beyond February 14th.

connect with nature. Wanted movie dialogue
Growing old together

An ultimate guide to a Sustainable lifestyle :

  • Turn the switch off — Conserve the energy by switching off the button when there is no need. Or just simply do the small household works manually you could see huge improvements, especially in your electric bills!
  • Grow your food — once you understand the pain of growing food ultimately you won’t waste it. also, you will know from where your veges are coming and this will reduce your grocery bill as well
  • R mantra — Reduce, reuse, recycle are the 3 R mantra one should adopt in lifestyle. Among them, the import R is REFUSE. If you refuse to buy non-biodegradable products/plastic. Companies will automatically stop making those products.

I have Highlighted only a few key points about sustainability, there are many. Even a small change creates a Big impact

3. Connecting with nature is the core of therapy

connect with nature
Gardening is cheaper than therapy

No doubt! Whenever you see a beautiful flower or green space it automatically relieves stress and relaxes your mind. A regular dose of gardening enhances your health. Science proves interacting with plants, both indoors and outdoors, is beneficial to physical and mental health. Anybody can garden up and can reap psychological benefits. Taking a lively part within the work of the garden is often therapeutic, as long because it is some things you enjoy doing.


The koo-ooo sound of the cuckoo to meow of cat everything so soothing for ears to listen to in nature. But, in our hustle-bustle lifestyle and the crowded area, we have forgotten their joy. So, now take time out to listen to the beautiful voice of birds and animals spent time with them. And trust me, friends, within less than 30min your mind will be relaxed and the satisfaction is to the next level.

4.Connect with nature and get lost in its beauty

connect with nature
Get lost in nature

Exploring nature is a way to connect with something other than our phones, busy schedules, and hustle-bustle lifestyle. From the plants to the trees, the last leave to the unfurling of leaves, the sunrise to the sunsets, the mountains, the oceans, to the forests; nothing fails to admire our nature. Nature itself is the best example of serenity.

main udna chahta hun,yjhd movie dialogue
Don’t stop to explore the nature

It seems that sometimes we’d like a touch push to line our sails free, stray a touch, and explore the unknown. Wanderlust is commonest among people that have a robust desire to explore. For most folks, we will agree that we might all like to travel the planet. There’s nothing quite like exploring a replacement culture, food and just getting outdoors for any quiet fun.

5. Healing power of nature

connect with nature
Rest in Nature

Lie in the grass and feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. A very simple exercise: lie on your back in the grass, close your eyes, and feel where your body touches the earth. Just follow your breath for a short time and feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. A silent walk may be a good way to attach to nature. Open all of your senses and listen to, see, smell, taste, and feel.

connect with nature
Nature is calling you


You will be surprised at what proportion you’ll notice that you simply didn’t notice before. You will hear different birds’ voices, taste the leaves of a dandelion, smell the fragrance of soil when it’s just rained, feel the feel of bark or of sand flowing through your fingers. And you’ll see colors and shapes you have not been aware of before.

dil wale dulhaniya le jynge

As I promised in the beginning. Fallen in love with nature, right?

Spending time in nature is the ultimate way to reconnect to the world. What are you waiting for? Ready, steady, Go! Go explore the beautiful nature and connect with Mother Earth. I hope you really get connected with nature after reading this blog.

Love Mother Earth!

Bring nature to your home, I mean start gardening if you haven’t yet.

Anybody can garden up as no one is born with a Green thumb.

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