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How to grow a marigold plant from flowers? Top 5 tips

How to grow a marigold plant from flowers? Top 5 tips

No annual is more cheerful or easier to grow than the marigold. The flower’s popularity probably derives partially from its ability to bloom brightly all summer long. But, do you know? Marigold plant can be grown for its flower itself. Don’t be surprised! Read till the end to know the secret. How to grow a marigold plant from flowers?

1. Selection of flower to grow marigold plant

Marigold plants from flower
Varieties of marigold flower

Marigolds have daisy- or carnation-like flowerheads that are produced singly or in clusters. Although there are some 50 species, I have selected most marigolds we commonly see in the garden, they are one of the following.
Marigolds flowers are available in four differing types :

  • These are: African – These marigold flowers tend to be tall
  • French – These tend to be dwarf varieties
  • Triploid – These marigolds are a hybrid between African and French and are multi-colored
  • Single – Have long stems and appearance like daisies

Remember: While selecting marigold flowers be careful. Young French and signet marigolds are often planted from spring through midsummer, but the tall African marigolds are best planted directly within the spring (after the danger of frost has passed) because they’re slower to mature and produce flowers.

Marigold plant from flowers

Happiness is growing your plant. Seeing a seed turned into a flower under your care gives immense pleasure. And marigold flower signifies prosperity and positivity. So, grow a marigold plant from flowers and be happy.

2. How to collect seeds from marigold?

Marigold plant from flowers
Dry Marigold flowers
  1. Leave the faded marigold blossoms on the plant. When the blossoms turn brown and papery, it’s time to reap the seeds. In some cases, you’ll see the short, dark needle-like seeds among the old sepals.
  2. Hold a container, like a paper envelope or plastic cup, under the faded blossom. Snip the blossom off the plant and let it drop into the container.
  3. Select a planting site that receives full sun. Till the garden soil to a depth of 6 inches and take away any rocks, weeds, or other debris. Spread a 1- to 2-inch layer of well-rotted compost or manure over the bed and blend it into the soil.
  4. Break apart the seed head. Sow individual seeds 1 inch apart over the soil’s surface and canopy with ¼ inch soil, vermiculite, or perlite. Press the soil down lightly.
  5. Sprinkle water gently over the soil to avoid uncovering the seeds. Keep the soil moist to the touch but not soggy.
  6. When the marigolds sprout, keep the soil moist to an in. below the surface.
  7. If you’ve got an abundance of blooms, you’ll even make some seed packets to offer away as gifts.
genda phool, marigold flower, let roots grow

After growing Marigold plant from flowers. You can dance to the “Genda Phool” song featuring your homegrown Marigold flower ( Genda Phool)

3.How long does it take to germinate marigold seeds?

Marigold plant from flowers
Marigold plant from flowers
  1. The next step for growing marigolds from seed is to see the planted marigold seeds daily for germination.
  2. Typically, marigolds will take three to four days to germinate but may take a couple of days longer if the situation is cooler.
  3. Once the marigold seedlings appear, remove the wrapping and move the tray to a location where the seedlings will get a minimum of five hours or more of sunshine every day.
  4. The light can be from an artificial source.
  5. As the seedlings grow, keep the potting mix damp by watering from below.
  6. This will help to prevent damping off.
  7. Once the seedlings have two sets of true leaves, they can be transplanted to their pots where they can grow indoors under the light until after the last frost has passed.

And it all started with a seed
A seed sowed a fine day,
Under sunshine, under care,
Showered some water, showered some love,
A little while -
The seed turned to plant,
The plant to flower,
See the magic of nature,
The flower turned into seed again,
A seed sowed a fine day,
And it all started with seeds
and ended to seeds.
- Arpita pujari

4.How to grow a marigold plant from flowers?

Marigolds are a very versatile flower. They enjoy full sun and hot days and grow well in dry or moist soil. This hardiness is one of the explanations that they’re often used as bedding plants and container plants.

  1. For instance, marigold flowers are planted, they need not care much
  2. If they’re planted within the ground, you simply got to water them if the weather has been very dry for quite a fortnight.
  3. If they’re in containers, water them daily as containers will dry out quickly. Water-soluble fertilizers are often given to them once a month, but to be honest, they’re going to do also without fertilizer as they are doing with it.
  4. You can greatly increase the number of blooms and therefore the blooming time length by deadheading spent blossoms.
  5. Dried, spent blossoms also can be kept during a cool, dry place, and therefore the seeds inside these flower heads are often wont to grow next year’s display of fiery orange, red and yellow marigold flowers.

Remember: Always bury the plant deep inside the soil. It helps them to grow better. Or else roots will grow from above as well as shown in the image above. A better root system indicates better Blooming size. While transplant, keep plants in a shady area, don’t overwater, or give any fertilizer so they can recover from transfer shock.

5. Enjoy the blooming stage

Marigold plants from flower
Marigold plants acts as a Best pollinator
  1. One thing to remember: when you’re collecting marigold seeds, you can’t necessarily depend on getting a real copy of the parent’s flowers.
  2. In this case, if the plant you’ve harvested from is an heirloom, its seeds will produce equivalent quiet flowers.
  3. But if it’s a hybrid (which is probably going if you’ve gotten cheap plants from a garden center), then subsequent generation probably won’t look an equivalent. However, there’s nothing wrong with this – it can be very exciting and interesting. Don’t be disappointed if the flowers you get look different from the flowers you had. ( highlight)

Marigold flower act as the best companion while planting a vegetable. They help to repel the pests and enhance the flavor of vegetables. No doubt, they act as the best pollinator. By growing marigold plants from flowers, you not add color to your balcony but also welcome beautiful butterflies.

To learn about Companion planting in detail, Click on this link.

Growing marigold plants from flowers plays an major role in setting up your summer garden.

Growing a Marigold plant from flowers is easier than you think. Just dry out the beautiful blossoms of the marigold flower and follow the above steps. Trust me, you will end up having beautiful marigold plants with soothing fragrances spread around your garden.

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Happy summer! Happy gardening!

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