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How to Grow and Care For Ficus Starlight plant?

How to Grow and Care For Ficus Starlight plant?

Ficus starlight is considered one of the best-looking indoor plants having large shiny leaves. It is an easy plant to grow and care for, provided your plant is placed in an area with ample natural light. Ficus Starlight is a lovely indoor houseplant that’s easy to grow and maintain. If you’re thinking about growing one in your home, keep reading our detailed Ficus starlight care guide.

The Ficus starlight plant is the most adored indoor ornamental plant because of its appearance. It is a majestic houseplant that delivers stunning beauty and long-lasting health. With proper care, this plant will grow to fill your place with delight. It’s also an ideal choice for beginners looking for the best indoor plant, as its care requirements are minimum

Ficus Starlight Plant Overview 

Ficus starlight care
The ultimate guide for Ficus starlight care

The plant with graceful, rounded leaves is a shrub that thrives in almost any climate. It grows long and narrow, often in an umbrella shape with some leaves dangling downwards, while others point upwards. It’s a beautiful plant that deserves attention for its beauty alone. You’ll fall in love with the charming leaves of the Ficus Starlight Plant. 

 The Ficus Starlight might be called the baby bonsai tree by some, but it’s still a work of art. It’s very close relative to the actual bonsai tree. Grown as a bonsai tree indoors or outdoors, the ficus plant offers a unique opportunity to display nature’s beauty in your home. If you’re looking for a way to grow your miniature bonsai tree at home, look no further.

Tips to Grow and Care For Ficus starlight plant

Ficus starlight care
Beautiful Variegated Ficus starlight plant

Soil – The base of plants

Potting soil for your ficus or bonsai Starlight plant is an important factor. The quality of potting soil is directly reflected in the health of your ficus plant. Potting soil for ficus plants should be rich in nutrients.

The ideal potting mix for the ficus starlight plant should be in the ratio of 1:1:1 of Garden soil: Cocopeat: Organic compost. You must add cocopeat to the soil as it helps to retain moisture in the pot. Also, you can add cow dung to the potting mix for the plant’s better growth.

Sunlight – The most important factor

Starlight ficus is a popular indoor tree due to its spectacular foliage and slender columnar form. Ficus plant can be a versatile bonsai specimen for homes that get indirect light from a window. These plants are light green with darker leaf veins or spots and come in both indoor and outdoor bonsai varieties.

Ficus are great indoor houseplants mainly because they are relatively easy to care for. But, make sure you avoid keeping the ficus starlight plant in bright direct sunlight to keep the variegated leaves safe from scalding and loss. 

Watering – Nor too less / more

Easy to maintain and hard to kill, ficus plants make a great first plant for beginners, as long as you don’t overwater them. As long as you commit to providing them with the proper water and lighting conditions they need, ficus plants will add rich texture to your home decor.

To keep the Ficus starlight plant healthy and happy, always water after checking the soil. The plant requires a medium amount of watering during the summer season and during the month of the winter season, it requires less amount of frequent watering to save the leaves from drying.

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Prune – Like a pro!

Pruning is an important task to perform to keep the health of your ficus starlight plant. Pruning helps regenerate the growth of new branches/leaves, thus making it possible to maintain a beautiful shape even after growing for many years.

By pruning them, you avoid a messy and unattractive-looking ficus starlight plant. Always remove the dried and damaged leaves to keep your plant healthy. Also, don’t let your plant overcrowd, prune them timely. Make sure you avoid pruning during the winter season as at times plants are in their dormancy. 

Fertilizer – Organic > Inorganic

Ficus starlight is an easy plant to care for and a great houseplant for a beginner gardener or a busy professional. It is an ornamental houseplant grown for its shiny green foliage. The small, shiny green leaves of the ficus starlight will give you a real sparkle in your home and don’t require much care.

You can fertilize once a month with cow dung or any other organic fertilizer to keep your plant happy. You can also skip fertilizing, as mentioned it doesn’t require too much care, adequate amount of sunlight and proper watering will keep your plant healthy. Also, you can use the cooking water for your plants to provide them with nutrients. 

Propagation – Multiply your plants

Growing from cuttings is the easiest way to propagate new plants. Plant propagation is a fun and inexpensive way to reproduce your plants easily. By taking precautions you can also ensure success. 

Firstly, it’s important to be sure the cuttings are of good quality. That will guarantee the most success rate. Good-quality cuttings will have stems that are firm with few or no leaves along the stem. Always cut the stem at a 45° angle and propagate. Ficus starlight plants can easily propagate in water as well as in soil. 

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One of the best ways to care for your ficus starlight plant is to know when to repot it. It is best to replant in the spring when there is enough time for the plant to become established in its new pot.

It is a fairly easy plant to care for when you provide it with the proper growing conditions. Ficus starlight plant can be repotted only when the roots come out of the pot or you see some signs to repot it. However, you can tilt the upper layer of soil and add organic compost to it to keep your plant healthy.

The Bottom Line

Ficus Starlight plant is a great choice for both beginners and professional gardeners. If you choose the right way of care for this plant, you will get a strong growing ficus, which small leaves will become a stunning deep green color. As ficus plants are not picky about the place where they live, so you can place it at any bright, draft-free place in your home.

The Ficus Starlight plant is a hardy indoor plant that can be placed in any corner of your home. It requires very little maintenance and will look gorgeous when well-grown. The deep variegated green leaves will give an exotic appeal and enhance the beauty of your home. 

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