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Rose Blind Shoots – Now You Need To Know About

Rose Blind Shoots – Now You Need To Know About

Rose blind shoots are a lot like their cousins, stems, and twigs. They grow upright but have no buds. Are you thinking about what makes a Rose blind shoot different from Rose stems or twigs and how to get rid of them? This guide gives you all you need to get rose plants to bloom again.

Recognising Rose Blind Shoots

Rose Blind shoots

As the name suggests, it’s a rose bush that produces “blind shoots”, or stems without buds for flowers. It is also known as the “dead-headed plants syndrome”.

Rose blind shoots can occur at any time during the rose’s growing year. It usually occurs from late spring through winter. If your roses are blind shooting, they will usually be younger plants or plants with younger wood (more 2-year-old pruned material).

Possible Causes of Rose Blind Shoots

Pruning of roses,rose care
Prune like a Pro

When it comes to caring, roses do not ask for much. Just a sunny position where they can dry well after watering and proper fertilizer.

But, there are certain diseases such as Blackspot, rose sucker, dieback, and Aphids. Due to which our elegant rose bush gets affected. 

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For all the common rose diseases the cause is known. But, unfortunately, The cause of Rose Blind shoots is not known yet. For, Instance Here is some possible causes :

  • Variation in Climatic Condition
  • Due to frost
  • Insufficient Sunlight
  • Too old Plant
  • High use of Fertilizer
  • Many leaves underneath the shoots

The list goes on but no one knows the exact reason for it.

Treating Rose Blindliness

Rose Blind shoots

Although there is no known reason for Rose blindness still, Rose plant treatment is helpful to prevent the symptoms from occurring.

The best way to increase rose production is to grow a healthy plant from the beginning. Care for your rose properly, routinely water, feed and prune your rose to keep it healthy and happy.

Here are the steps to follow :

  1. The first thing to do is to cut back the blind shoot by half. This helps stimulate further growth in the right manner and helps the plant more.
  2. Fertilize the rose plant with any organic fertilizer in the gap of 10 – 15 days ( I highly recommend using Mustard cake / Banana peel fertilizer)
  3. Keep your rose plant in a sunny area where it gets at least 5 – 6 hours of direct sunlight
  4. Make sure there is no fungal infection / Common rose disease in your plant. ( Spray with Neem oil to avoid it )
  5. Always water the soil after checking it 
  6. Prune like a Pro – As this ensures healthy growth and fresh air into your plants. 

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Trimming Rose Blindness in late fall

Rose plant trimming in late fall

Whenever you prune a rose bush, you will cause it to produce a lot of new growth. This is a good thing from one perspective because new growth means new flowers. But the downside is that cold temperatures may damage that tender new growth until it

Trimming can be done but remember that you are dealing with a plant that has a winter resting period and trimming at the wrong time may deprive the plant of energy needed for it to survive the winter. Hence, avoid trimming in late fall

If there is a need to trim your rose plant in late fall wait until you have good frosts. Cutting off dead stems immediately after a frost will prolong the life of your rose by several weeks or months.

A rose plant is a most beautiful flower and no doubt it should be treated well. Though our beauty queen rose sometimes shows tantrums with the most common rose diseases but, under your care and love it can thrive much better.

Is your rose plant is not blooming? Maybe Rose’s blindness is one of the reasons. Follow all the above-given steps and bring back the life of the elegant rose flower.

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