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How to set up a Summer vegetable – Top 5 veges you must grow

How to set up a Summer vegetable – Top 5 veges you must grow

Hello, Lovebirds! February, the month of love, is here, and there’s no other love that is bigger than the love of the plant.

February is the ideal time to start your vegetable garden. Selecting your vegetables before you design your garden will help ensure that you have the correct amount of best-growing conditions.

Space is always an issue when it comes to gardening. But, don’t worry. I have highlighted here the Top 5 Summer vegetables that grow well even in a small area.

So, let’s start our summer vegetable garden :

5. Bitter gourd / Karela

A bitter gourd is far better than bitter people in life.

  •  Bitter gourd (karela) is bitter but better for health.
  • It is the easiest Summer vegetable to grow.
  • It grows well even in a small space with a minimum effort.
  • Remember, Bitter gourd is a vine plant, it needs some support to spread.
  • Sunlight – 5-6 hours
  • Soil – sandy loamy soil
  • Seeds – Collect seeds from ripening bitter gourd
  • Harvest period – 3 to 4 months
“How much ever we care. But in the end, it tastes bitter only.” – Arpita Pujari

4. Lady’s finger/okra/bhindi

Ladyfinger grows well even in small space because a finger doesn’t require much area to grow.

  • Are you growing okay- ra, this summer? If not, I would particularly recommend you to grow okra this season.
  • Okra thrives best in the heat of the summer.
  • As it belongs to the hibiscus and cotton family, the okra flower looks similar to the hibiscus flower. 
  • Sunlight – 7 to 8 hours
  • Soil – Fertile soil
  • Seeds – Collect than dry the seeds of okra
  • Harvest period – 2 – 3 months
Do give it a try to grow Okra this season. Especially, because of its beautiful flower which never fails to attract pollinators to our balcony

3. Eggplant/ brinjal

Pyaar pet nahi Bharta hai,

Baingan Bharta hai.
  • Brinjal is an Egg-celent Summer vegetable.
  • Eggplants need a great deal area, but you can grow them in a container as long as you have a large enough pot.
  • Nothing tastes better than baingan ka bharta where baingan ( brinjal ) is homegrown
  • Sunlight – 6 to 7 hours
  • Soil – sandy loam soil
  • Seeds – Collect seeds directly from brinjal & sow
  • Harvest period – 3 to 4 months

I’m Eggcited to grow eggplant this summer. I will be sharing all the updates on my Instagram handle. For regular updates and any queries follow me on Instagram.

2. Pumpkin

Did you know?

Pumpkin all parts – flowers, leaves, seeds are edible.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  • If you are dreaming of the great pumpkin, growing a pumpkin in a small container may not achieve that goal.
  • However, you can harvest pumpkin leaves and flowers.
  • Yes, you guessed it right, pumpkin is a plant whose all parts are edible.
  • Sunlight – 7 to 8 hour
  • Soil – Neutral / slightly acidic soil
  • Seeds – Collect than dry the seeds of pumpkin
  • Harvest period – 3 to 4 months

1. Tomatoes

Knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is not putting them into a fruit salad

  • How can a summer vegetable garden complete without planting a Tomato plant?
  • Every tomato lover dreams of growing the ultimate tomato.
  • Containers can be moved throughout the growing season.
  • They are a great choice for home growers who have limited garden space.
  • Sunlight – 5 to 6 hours
  • Soil – Loamy soil
  • Seed – Collect seeds from tomato and sow them in soil. (For better result germinate seeds in tissue paper)
  • Harvest – 3 to 4 months
Tomato was the first vegetable plant grown by me from kitchen seeds. Nothing gives much pleasure than growing your food
For all gardening lovers, small space is always being an issue. But when you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities. – Arpita pujari

I hope this blog helps you to set up a summer garden easily. There is nothing more rewarding than growing your food. So, what vegetables are you planning to grow this summer? Do let me know in the comment section and also share your gardening experience would love to hear your gardening stories.

Plant kindness, cultivate love. A happy love affair with plants!

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