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Top 7 gardening ideas at home during lockdown

Top 7 gardening ideas at home during lockdown

Depressed or bored during this lockdown? Upset reading wrong News? Mindlessly scrolling through social media? Here are some amazing “Gardening ideas” that you can try at home which will surely help you to boost your mood.

Gardening in lockdown: It’s about planting hope

As I reflect on the beginning of the year, 2020 looked bright and fun. What a year was 2020; a year to remember or a year to forget? and the scenario of 2021 is even worse.

Hold on, In the first place, I’m not here to say all the things going around the world. The media people are covering all the possible points. The pandemic’s black cloud came with a silver lining: the enjoyment of digging and planting.

dalgona coffee

Study says, during pandemic Gardening was the second most hobby pursued by people. And the first most activity was cooking, baking and making dalgona coffee? Remember, that trend? Life is so unpredictable, It brings tears, smiles, and memories.

 Everybody hurts sometimes
 Everybody hurts someday, ayy ayy
 But everything gon' be alright
 Go and raise a glass and say, ayy
 Here's to the ones that we got
 Cheers to the wish you were…
Song lyrics - Memories

Hey, people! Comeback from the Nightmare – covid 19 scenarios.

And let’s dive into the easiest gardening Ideas at home :

‘It’s a wonderful time to be a home gardener because you’re home.’

— Gay Austin, National Garden Clubs president

TOP 7 Gardening Ideas at home during lockdown

1. Do it yourself

Thanks to quarantine it has given us time to rethink our life and explore nature. This is the best time to open up our creative minds and make some cool DIY stuff.

1. Diy Train planter

gardening ideas at home
  • Take out any old bottles ( Here, I have used empty glass bottles) and paint it in your choice using acrylic colors.
  • And plant any of your choice, which is suitable for that planter. ( Here, I have sowed Mustard plant)

2. Shampoo bottle turned into a planter

  • Used your shampoo bottle? Now, what? Use it as a beautiful planter
  • Take a shampoo bottle and remove its sticker. Then paint with acrylic colors and decorate with your choice (Here, I have used Bitter gourd leave as decorative material)

3. Please wear Mask

  • During this pandemic situation, we have gone through many ups and downs. As a reminder of this makes one memorable planter, when you look back around this planter, it will remind you of your bitter/better days.
  • Just take an old planter and paint it as per your choice, using acrylic colors ( As these colors will not wash away)

Remember – By reusing old empty plastic items you not only enhance the beautiful space but also contribute a small step towards a sustainable lifestyle. As, reusing such plastic materials will help to reduce the amount of waste and land filling.

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2. Propagate plants

wandering jew care

Once you turned an old empty bottle into a beautiful planter don’t let it sit alone. Propagate a plant in style.

Steps to propagate plant cuttings

  1. Cut a section from the plant
  2. Remove the lower leaves from the cutting
  3. Mix up the compost ( If you are trying the water propagation method, soak the stems in water and within 10-15 days you will see the new shoots is coming out than, plant them in the soil)
  4. Push the cuttings down into the compost
  5. Water the cuttings
  6. Cover the pot with a bag
  7. Place the cuttings during a suitable location and wait

Propagating plant stems is the best gardening idea to try at home

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3. Compost

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can turn your food scraps and yard waste into “Black gold” that will feed your plants and improve your soil.

7. Easy Steps to Composting

gardening ideas at home
Image source –
  • Take a bucket with a lid and drill holes on the edges and therefore the lid for aeration
  • Layer the bottom with soil
  • Add vegetable and fruit peels, wilted flowers, eggshells, tea, and occasional grounds to the bucket over the layer of soil. Avoid bones and dairy products
  • Mix the contents once every week to enhance microbial growth. Every now then, add an in. approximately soil to that.
  • Continue the process till the bucket is full
  • Remember to keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • As a conclusion of 60 days, the compost should be ready

4. Sprout your Food in water

Don’t throw away your garden food scraps. Instead, bring them inside and place them in some water. You’d be amazed at what percentage of veggies and herbs you’ll regrow from scraps.

Here are 10 of the easiest vegetables to regrow in water alone! For best results, change the water often and don’t let your bowl of water dry out.

gardening ideas at home
Image source –
Bok Choy

Simply cut the leaves at the bottom part of the stalks and within a couple of days, new growth will appear.


Cut the bottom of the head off, & place it in a shallow bowl with a small amount of water. Don’t let the leaves get too big, they’ll taste better when small.

Carrot Greens

When you’ve finished eating the basis of the carrot plant, save the tops! So, cut them right down to just a couple of inches and watch them produce new green leaves. Hence, excellent for tossing into salads, make pesto, or increase your green juices.


Cut the stalks right down to about 2-3 inches tall. Place the base of the plant and small roots into a shallow bowl with a small amount of water and watch a new small stalk begin to grow from the center.


Cut the stalk right down to about 1-2 inches tall, leaving the roots intact. At last, place in a shallow bowl with water.

Garlic Chives

Place a little garlic bulb that has begun to grow a green shoot into a shallow bowl of water. Within a few days, you’ll be enjoying fresh garlic chives.

Green Onions

Cut the green part off of your onion, and place the white stalk with the roots intact into a bowl of water. The stalk will regrow the green section that you simply stop .


Remove the rock bottom of the top, leaving it about 1-3 inches long. And place that into a shallow bowl with water. It will regrow small lettuce leaves within the center.


Place the bottom section of the stalk, about 2-3 inches long, into a bowl with water. It will re-grow the middle portion of the leek.

Lemon Grass

Plant the same as you would a leek. Remove all but 2-3 inches of the stalk, place in about 1/2 inch of water, and watch it regrow from the center.

Just think – if we did all of the above ways to regrow food, we might not ever have to shop at the grocery store again!


5. Grow your own food

It doesn’t matter if you have a garden, or even a balcony – if you’ve got a window, you can still grow your plants! And these are the best gardening ideas at home to try

summer vegetable
  1. Find the perfect spot
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Mix it up
  4. Know your soil
  5. Enrich your soil
  6. Sow far, sow good
  7. Just add water
  8. Cover up


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6. Involve your kids

If you’re struggling for ways to occupy yourselves and the children whilst in lockdown, I’ve come up with a list of gardening ideas at home for you to try out.

Importance of gardening
Healthy Family

Here is a list of 6 interesting summer garden activities for kids:

Watering Plants

Garden activities for toddlers may include watering plants because it is one among the simpler tasks

  • Provide your kid with a plastic watering can
  • Show him how to water the plants
  • As a result, helps to learn about plant biology
  • Also, It may help your kid feel empowered
Creative Planting

Gardening activities for preschoolers can comprise of some creative planting which is sure to make them love gardening

  • Allot a special corner of your garden to your kid which will be solely under his care
  • Help him to style it in any shape he wishes. For example, he can shape it like a pizza and divide it into slices by using wood or plastic dividers
  • It will generate your kid’s interest in gardening
  • Also, knowledge about flowering plants, Improves planning and organizing skills
Miniature Gardens

This can be a really exciting activity for your kid as he may create a flowering world of his own.

Importance of gardening
Best Hobby
  • Guide your child to fill a plant-holder with soil and help him plant some succulents, cacti in it.
  • Ask him to put toys and figures of his choice like dinosaurs, cowboys, astronauts among the plants.
  • It may help promote your kid’s imagination and creativity.
  • He may begin to require a lively part in gardening.
Newspaper Planters

Your kid may find this activity fascinating. You can use old comics to form them more appealing.

  • Fold the newspapers lengthwise in half. Roll them along with a tin or a jar and canopy it completely.
  • Fill it with soil and sprinkle some seeds in it.
  • You can place the planter on a board or punch holes on its sides to hang it.
  • Kids can learn about recycling
  • It can encourage their inventiveness and imagination.
Colorful Terrarium

This activity involves the use of a terrarium which is a transparent vessel in which special kinds of plants usually grow like ferns, succulents, petunias.

  • Fill a glass vessel with some sand, colorful pebbles.
  • Place the plants and arrange them to make a gorgeous landscape.
  • You can introduce your child to different sorts of plants and their unique features.
  • It may stimulate his originality and creativity.
Magical Fairy Circle

This captivating activity will keep your kid occupied for hours.

  • Help your kid make a circle preferably under a tree. Dig up the circle line with a shovel.
  • Pot different flowering plants on the circle line.
  • You can hang lanterns and tealights made out of empty jars from the tree above the circle.
  • You kid can let his imagination run wild to embellish the magical circle.
  • It can develop his love for nature as he can use this circle to play together with his friends or simply by himself.

Gathering Fruits/Vegetables

Most kids love picking vegetables and fruits from their gardens.

  • Give them a basket and help them pluck the ripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Encourage them to ask inquiries to study healthy foods.
  • It may instill healthy food habits in kids.
  • Kids may get a hands-on experience about growing foods and therefore the important role of nature.

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7. Don’t forget to feed birds and animals

Image source –
  1. Locate bird feeders at different levels
  2. Offer a spread of seeds in separate feeders
  3. Provide suet during cool weather only
  4. Mix peanut butter and cornmeal
  5. Provide fruit for berry-eating birds
  6. Provide nectar for hummingbirds
  7. Store seed in secure metal containers
  8. Discourage squirrels from consuming feeder foods
  9. Locate feeders to reduce window collisions
  10. Keep cats indoors
  11. Clean feeders and discover spilled grain and hulls

Many years from now, when younger generations ask you what it had been wished to get over this pandemic, you’ll tell them that it had been strange, Exhausting, Heartbreaking, Surreal, Chaotic. But you’ll also tell them, smiling, that it had been the year you discovered that you simply were a “Gardener”

None of your non-gardening friends will ever remember the names of those plants, regardless of what percentage of times you tell them. You already know this. But you don’t mind because they’re going to always remember that they came from you, which are some things that secretly fill your heart with joy and pride.

“2020 was the year many of us unearthed our love of gardening, And 2021 seems the same

Add sun, water and a ‘positive attitude’ and you’re on your way to gardening and nurture your soul

And there you have it! As I promised earlier, I have shown you many possible ways to divert your mind from negative news and stay positive by giving so many gardening ideas which you can try at home.

Do let me know in the comment section, Which Gardening idea you are going to try out at home?

And in this tough situation, Let’s stand together and Cheer up!

Because, This shall too pass away

Stay home and stay safe!

Happy Gardening!

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